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New Year’s Day evening speech

Distinguished guests, dear friends, colleagues : Members night!

  First, let us welcome you with a warm applause leadership, guests come to join us today in 2006 Shandong stars plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. "Spark legend, stars forever" evening party 。

——CEO Zhonglei Li

  In this farewell occasion, we gathered together to celebrate the 2006 New Year’s Day. Here, I have the honour to speak on behalf of the company and my personal heartfelt thanks everyone in 05 years to make the company’s efforts and contribution to all concerned for and support the development of the company’s Leaders, plastics industry friends to extend festival greetings to wish for their hard work in various posts for the company’s survival, development contributions of the employees, our heartfelt thanks, wish you all good health in the new year.

  In the past year, our cause vibrant, healthy development. Stars, Hongda, as well as the companies abroad have achieved fruitful results in various undertakings have climbed to a new peak, the company further enhanced its comprehensive strength, further enhance product quality, market coverage has broadened, and will be successful products to enter the international market, domestic and international customers won praise. This tree, with our company brand image, corporate governance within grasp, operate more scientific and standardized management systems, product quality, equipment modernization, and service functions, are inseparable.

  All of this success is the love and help you lead, can the new and old clients and plastics industry recognized and trusted friends. Members and staff are dedicated and selfless dedication;
To the company for home, for the cause of re-work and enthusiasm inseparable from the spirit of the work, all the achievements and results, the sweat off of your staff, wisdom and selfless sacrifice. Here, I assure you on behalf of the company leadership, ladies and gentlemen friends, companies pay high tribute to all the staff and my sincere gratitude!

  Go with the trend, capturing the business opportunities in the last year, we have made since the founding of the company better results. However, results can only represent the past and future we also waiting to be created. In the new year, and we will continue to maintain their unity, up high style, constantly sum up 05 years of successful experience, perfect in the work of the previous lack of emancipating the mind, seeking to raise awareness of the company’s work to a higher level. To this end I hope the company from internal departments, from product development to the manufacture;
From staff training to management;
From the early-stage planning of follow-up after-sale sales further to mold our company in the same industry competitive advantage;
Companies in the plastics industry, creating a good development momentum. Now, I have covered the company’s products and after-sale services to the northern provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and foreign plastics industry forward its coverage of the wide influence of large business projects that the company has strong Impoverishment in the forest.

  I largest companies as North plastic mould manufacturers and distributors of machinery one, we will have gathered the local plastics industry is our company’s products as our company goals. We will "stars Than industry" in the development of a positioning enterprises, and building the "China Food Industry carrier" into the company’s development planning. In the new year, we will increase the new products, new technology development efforts;
Further enhance the company’s brand image community.

  In reviewing the past, companies have experienced ups and downs, and finally in the north to create our own model industry sky, allowing the company products support;
Looking to the future, we boundless confidence, convinced that with your leadership, and our friends and love interest, in the joint efforts of the staff, Our company will become China’s most trustworthy Other plastics industry people!

  Colleagues in the spring occasion, recalling past, we move forward at the same pace for every company and were proud;
Looking to the future, we deeply long for a better tomorrow. In the new year, let us join hands with one heart, Officer venture, to redouble their efforts to create greater glories, to promote the further development of the company and make new contributions.

  Finally, wish you all success in the new year, good luck often, success and prosperity of the cause! I wish this evening a complete success!

  Thank you!

                              December 30, 2005
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